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Pediatric Eye Exam

What Is A Pediatric Eye Exam?

The visual system develops over time and it is fully formed by the teen years. A Pediatric Eye Exam can help detect visual problems early and ensure visual milestones are met. A pediatric comprehensive exam ensures that a child’s visual acuity (clarity), ocular alignment, ocular motility, pupillary reflexes, color vision, depth perception (3-D vision), and refractive error fall within the expected normative data. 

Signs Your Child May Need An Eye Exam:

Adults and children experiencing the following symptoms may have an undiagnosed binocular vision dysfunction. 

  • Your child squints when looking at distance or near.

  • Your child complains of headaches after prolonged reading or computer use.

  • Your child gets close to the TV or holds reading materials close.

  • Your child toe walks.

  • Your child bumps into things or falls frequently.

  • Your child’s eyes turn out or in.

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